How to responsibly observe marine mammals
in the wild & report harassment

OCS关注鲸鱼运动的目标是教大家如何安全地观察海洋哺乳动物, and who to contact in case of an encounter with an injured, distressed or harassed animal. By being more aware, bat365平台用户官网可以尽量减少bat365平台用户官网的影响,尊重这些受保护的物种,同时享受它们的存在, now and for generations to come.

Ocean Friends in Danger

The Southern California Bight includes coastal Southern California, the Channel Islands and surrounding waters. 世界上数量最大的海洋哺乳动物之一经常在这里出没 up to 30 different species! Endangered blue whales and other species like humpback, grey, minke and fin whales travel nearshore through this area to feed, attracting large crowds of people who want to see them first-hand.  然而,许多船民不知道海洋哺乳动物是受联邦政府保护的,或者离它们太近可能会造成无意的伤害.

Human Threats to Marine Mammals

Climate change, habitat degradation, pollution, 偶然捕捞和过度捕捞是当今人类对海洋哺乳动物的最大威胁. Off California, 船舶撞击是造成濒危和脆弱的鲸鱼种群死亡的原因之一, 而游船也可能因太过靠近而意外杀死或伤害海洋哺乳动物. 即使是无意的干扰也会改变鲸鱼和海豚在进食过程中的正常行为, mating and other essential activities, threatening their ability to survive in the wild.

Marine Mammals are Federally Protected

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) and pinnipeds (sea lions & seals) are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. Boaters, jet-skiers, kayakers, surfers, 游泳者——以及任何在海上的人——在接近它们时都需要格外小心. It’s a violation of federal law to harass them, and penalties can include up to a year in prison and fines of up to $20,000.


 Marine mammal viewing guidelines for boaters, surfers, kayakers & swimmers

Viewing Guidelines for Boaters

在享受划船等娱乐活动的同时,帮助保护海洋哺乳动物. You can reduce death, injury and stress for whales, dolphins and sea lions by following and sharing these rules:

How close can my boat get to marine mammals?

Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises):
Remain at least 100 yards (300 feet) away

Pinnipeds (sea lions and seals):
Remain and at least 50 yards (150 feet) away 

How do I safely observe marine mammals?

Ensure your actions do not cause any change in their behavior:

• Upon sighting marine mammals, stop your vessel, observe which direction they are moving, and then attempt to parallel their course

• NEVER follow behind, approach animals head-on, encircle or trap them between your vessel and shore – see diagram on this page for more info

•如果你在船上,鲸鱼或海豚靠近你,保持你的航线和速度. 如果这些动物切断了你的航线,把船停在中立位置,等待它们让你的船清场

• Avoid sudden changes to your boat’s speed and direction. Dolphins and whales may surface unpredictably at any time or location

• NEVER feed, touch or ride marine mammals – it is against the law!

How long can I observe them for?

海洋哺乳动物需要bat365平台用户官网的帮助才能生存和繁衍,所以请将观看时间限制在半小时以内. Do not crowd the animals to avoid creating unnecessary stress for them.

Guidelines for Swimmers, Surfers & Kayakers

重要的是要记住,海洋哺乳动物需要自己的空间,即使它们接近bat365平台用户官网! 必须采取特别的预防措施,以避免扰乱它们在野外的自然行为:

How close can I get to marine mammals?

You should attempt to remain 100 yards (300 feet) from marine mammals while swimming, surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking. If you cannot avoid them by staying 100 yards away, do not chase them, move into their path, or move between them when there are more than one.

How do I safely observe marine mammals?

• Ensure your actions do not cause any change in their behavior. Disturbance is any interference with an animal’s ability to hunt, feed, communicate, breed, socialize, rest, or care for its young

• Upon sighting marine mammals, stop at a safe distance and observe. NEVER follow behind, approach animals head-on, or try to encircle them

• Avoid sudden changes in speed and direction. Dolphins and whales may surface unpredictably at any time or location

• Cetaceans (whales, 海豚和鼠海豚)很友好,当你在水里的时候,它们可能会靠近你. 喂食野生海豚——或者和它们一起游泳——会扰乱它们的自然活动,威胁到它们在海洋中生存的能力

• Cetaceans are wild animals and can also harm people if harassed or annoyed. Don’t risk injury by getting too close!

How long can I observe them for?

海洋哺乳动物需要bat365平台用户官网的帮助才能茁壮成长,所以把你看电视的时间限制在半小时以内. Do not crowd the animals to avoid creating unnecessary stress for them.


 Download & share our free marine mammal observation guides





Help the Be Whale Aware campaign to continue and expand

We urgently need funding to update and print more Be Whale Aware Guides for the 2021 / 2022 seasons. 导游由100%的志愿工作人员分发,以最大限度地发挥您的免税捐赠的影响. bat365平台用户官网还寻求财政援助,以扩大bat365平台用户官网的媒体教育活动的鲸鱼意识.

Protect whales and dolphins during your lifetime and for future generations. 帮助bat365平台用户官网教育尽可能多的人如何负责任地看待海洋哺乳动物,并“提高鲸鱼意识”。!



Harassment of Marine Mammals

(800) 853-1964 NOAA Fisheries’ Enforcement  24-hour Hotline
Boaters can use VHF channel 16 to contact local authorities

What is considered harassment?

Under the 1992 Marine Mammal Protection Act, harassment is defined as any act of pursuit, torment, or annoyance which:

• Has the potential to injure one or more marine mammal in the wild

•通过扰乱行为模式,有可能扰乱一个或多个野生海洋哺乳动物, including, but not limited to, migration, breathing, nursing, breeding, feeding, or sheltering.

Advocate for marine life by reporting harassment!

Injured or Stranded Marine Mammals

(866) 767-6114 West Coast Region Stranding Hotline

What can I do until help arrives?

Immediately report the sighting to the proper authorities. 请与搁浅和/或受伤的海洋哺乳动物保持安全距离. 避免触摸和喂食,并尽量远离其他人、狗和海鸥. Please remember that a marine mammal can carry diseases and even be dangerous.  

Entangled or Ship-Struck Whales

(877) SOS-WHAL 24/7 Entanglement Reporting Hotline
Boaters can use VHF channel 16 to contact local authorities

What can I do until help arrives?

Immediately report an entangled or ship-struck marine mammal to your local stranding network. These networks are located around the country in all coastal states. Whales struck by vessels are often seriously injured or killed.

Additional Wildlife Rescue Resouces

View the complete list

Marine Animal Rescue
El Segundo, CA


(800) 39-WHALE Emergencies in Southern California
(310) 455-2729 Non-Emergencies

Marine Mammal Care Center
San Pedro, CA


 (310) 548-5677

The Marine Mammal Center
Sausalito, CA

Rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals

(415) 289-SEAL 24-Hour Hotline for California

Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Laguna Beach, CA


(949) 494-3050

Northcoast Marine Mammal Center
Crescent City, CA
(Humboldt  & Del Norte Counties)

Rescues and rehabilitates stranded, sick, and injured marine mammals so they can be released back into the wild

(707) 951-4722 Marine Mammal Rescue Hotline

West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network


(866) 767-6114

Rescue Stranding Network
(For other coastal regions)

• Check the Stranding Network page and choose your region to report stranded or injured marine mammals

• NOAA Dolphin and Whale 911 app can also be used

• Other organizations are also members of the marine mammal stranding network. 因为这个列表会随着时间的推移而变化,请参考国家海洋渔业服务 Stranding Network Participant page for the latest updates


California Wildlife Center
Malibu, CA

Rescue and rehabilitation of native California species including birds, deer, coyotes, squirrels and other terrestrial animals

(310) 458-WILD Hotline

California Academy of Sciences /
Marine Mammal Stranding Network


CAS Department of Ornithology and Mammalogy

(415) 379-5381 Dead marine mammals


 Actively involving the public in whale and dolphin conservation



About the Be Whale Aware Campaign

Because the primary mission of OCS is to protect marine mammals, bat365平台用户官网发起了“关注鲸鱼”运动,帮助划船者和其他野生动物爱好者了解如何在鲸鱼面前表现. We publish a free, pocket-sized guide illustrating safe observation techniques, 并解释哪些海洋哺乳动物存在于bat365平台用户官网的水域,以及如何识别它们. bat365平台用户官网还进行了演讲和媒体宣传活动,让公众更多地了解生活在该地区的海洋哺乳动物.

When we started this campaign in 2012, bat365平台用户官网发现船员普遍不了解有关海洋哺乳动物在海上相遇的规定. bat365平台用户官网还发现,一旦他们了解了海洋哺乳动物保护法(MMPA), their compliance with regulations improved.

近年来,bat365平台用户官网的活动已经扩大到包括一个更新的印刷指南船民 (in English and Spanish), a new guide for swimmers, surfers, paddle boarders and kayakers, and informative stickers for boating enthusiasts. 

We hope to continue this campaign with your financial support.

Campaign Goals

• Promote awareness of marine mammal species 经常出没于加州南部和中部水域(从莫罗湾到丘拉维斯塔)

• Promote safe viewing of marine mammals by informing commercial & 根据1972年的海洋哺乳动物保护法,休闲划船和水上运动社区关于骚扰鲸目动物和鳍足动物的法规


• Build relationships with private sector marine stores, fishing shops, whale-watching operators, yacht clubs, aquaria, surf & kayak stores to promote stewardship of marine life & habitat

• Approach sea scouts, outrigger groups, beach communities, 划船及学校社团透过海洋哺乳动物讲座,推动海洋保育计划, regulations and conservation

Be Whale Aware for Your Business

We’ve distributed Be Whale Aware guides and stickers from Morro Bay, CA to the Mexican border to 1,000+ locations including: yacht clubs, surf / kayak / sportfishing stores, NGOs, aquaria, whale-watch operators, boating schools, fuel docks and more.

如果你也有兴趣通过展示和/或分发bat365平台用户官网的免费, Be Whale Aware pocket guides, please contact us.

Volunteer with OCS

你是否热衷于海洋保护,并有兴趣帮助OCS在加州南部和中部沿海地区开展“关注鲸鱼”活动? Please contact us.